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The KPK story in short
KPK was founded in 1887 by 25 stamp collectors who has previously in 1885 established a “Section Copenhagen” of “Internationaler Philatellisten-Verein” in Dresden. KPK is thus the oldest philatelic society in Denmark and, having approx. 550 members scattered all over the country and abroad, also the biggest. As sub name has been registered “The stamp Collectors’ Club of Denmark” and by right, as you will hardly find any local club in the country, who hasn’t one or more board members (and many other members) who are at the same time members of KPK.
The reason for this is that KPK all through its nearly 115 years of existence has strived to be, and has been, the forum for the bulk of philatelic research of Danish stamps. This also is the reason for KPK having approx. 50 members abroad, who share this interest.
Philatelic literature
The bulk of all existing literature dealing with Danish stamps has been written by members of KPK and published either by the club itself or by other publishers in cooperation with the club, to some extent in other languages.
A list of actual literature for buying is available on the web-site.
The Bicoloured Study Group
Also today practically all circles studying Danish stamps are related to KPK. To a certain extent the stamps of other countries, especially the Scandinavian, are objects for study.
The Bicoloured Study Group is a popular area of activity within KPK. The group is dedicated to the research, study, publication and display of the Bicoloured Stamps of Denmark and the Danish West Indies. For more information please contact us.
Nordic Philatelic Journal (NFT)
This periodical, launched in 1894, was for many years edited alternately in Norway, Sweden and Denmark and was for some years the organ of an association of Nordic philatelic clubs – Nordisk Filatelist Forbund – which no longer exists. Since 1958 KPK is the sole editor and publisher of the periodical, the high philatelic standard of which is internationally recognized.
Advertising in NFT is arranged through the editor, who also informs of the charges. 
The KPK medal
One of the features celebrating the 40-year anniversary of KPK in 1927 was the institution of a medal to be given in appreciation of eminent philatelic achievements or of outstanding organizing work in the field of philately. This medal – the most distinguished honour of Danish philately – has been awarded to a number of persons since. A list with all the names can be found on the KPK homepage. 
Celebrating its 10 year birthday in 1897 KPK arranged the first philatelic exhibition in Scandinavia and, as a contribution towards the establishment of a Danish Postal Museum, KPK arranged 5 years later in 1902 together with the Danish Post Office an exhibition featuring postal services and stamps. Since then KPK has, on the occasion of most of its round anniversaries, arranged stamp exhibitions. 
Weekly meetings are held on Wednesdays in the months August-May including one meeting during the Somme period. All meetings start with a philatelic lecture until the coffee break. After the break there is room for small lectures, auctions or other arrangements. Besides, the members have the opportunity to discuss with colleagues and exchange stamps. 
The Liabrary
The extensive library of the club containing several thousand books and bound volumes of stamp periodicals etc. is open a few hours before the weekly meetings for reading or borrowing. Members outside Copenhagen may order books for use at home. It is also possible to buy exhibition sheets and safekeeping boxes.
Several times a year the club arranges stamp auctions which normally covers a hole evening. The items are described and published to the members through the KPK-Information and via KPK’s homepage. A special delivery can be arranged via e-mail. The auction begins with a view of the items and then the auctioneer is in the chair for the rest of the evening. Written bids can always be send in to the auctioneer. Only members of the Danish Philatelic Federation are allowed to bid. 
Sale of collectios
Under control of the club committee KPK undertakes sale of stamp collections belonging to members or to the estate of deceased members. This is economically advantageous and reassuring to the relatives, who may not themselves be able to appraise the value of the collections.
The subscription includes free receipt of Nordisk Filatelistisk Tidsskrift (NFT), access to the library, discount when buying literature issued through KPK and much, much more.
The annual member fee for 2012 is 465 DKK.
Download "How to pay my membership fee" here
For further information please contact the secretariat kpk@kpk.dk